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Random Password Generator Online. Create strong and secure passwords using our tool. It's easy to use and free web application.

About Random Password Generator

Strong Random Password Generator

Create strong unique passwords within seconds. It's always hard to think of unique passwords. Hence, use our Random Password Generator for your convenience.

It's very easy to use and free. Also, it will help you to generate random passwords as per your requirements within seconds. Use it anywhere you like. It's safe and 100% secure. Our tool gives you the freedom to customize your password. You can decide the length, the number of special characters in it, uppercases, lowercases, digits, and much more.

Why use the Random Password Generator?

Nowadays, passwords are used everywhere for keeping unauthorized access away from personal information. Keeping a simple to guess password can lead to a data breach. There are many reports which confirm the fact that weak passwords that are easy to guess are the prime cause for personal accounts or data being hacked or leaked.

The password which looks strong to you can also be easily cracked by using different hacking or decrypting techniques. Social engineering attack, Bruteforce attack, Dictionary attack, and many more are the ways to break down your account's access. To be safe from all these things first of all you need a very strong password. Along with that, you have to follow some security measures which we will discuss in this article.

A random password is very unique and unique passwords are very strong. Therefore, by using the Password Generator you have fulfilled the first step of strengthening your privacy.

Let's create our first random password

  • The very first step for creating a random password is to decide the length of the password string. So, use the slider or manually enter the length.
  • After that choose between the various options provided. You can include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols or exclude similar characters.
  • When you have set all the parameters just click on the "Generate" button.
  • Randomly generated unique password will be appear within a second. Lastly, you can copy and use it.
  • For recreating a new password, just press the "Reset" button.
Security measures to keep your password and personal data safe on the Internet
  1. Don't use the same password: Using the same password for different places can be dangerous. If one platform gets hacked then will ultimately all of your personal accounts are compromised.
  2. Don't share your password: Avoid sharing your password at any cost.
  3. Stay away from phishing links: Phishing sites appear to be the same as original sites but steal your credentials. Always look at the URL before entering your credentials.
  4. Use long passwords: It is recommended to use at least 12 characters long password. As it becomes very hard to crack long strings.
  5. Use combinations of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols: Your password becomes very strong and impossible to crack when you use these.
  6. Avoid putting dictionary words in password: Hacking techniques like Bruteforce and Dictionary attack can easily crack these type of passwords.
Extra preventive measures:
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Change password in a regular interval.
  • Don't visit unknown or spam links.
  • Avoid keeping passwords saved in text format.
  • Install an anti-virus and firewall.

Features of Password Generator

  • Anyone can use this tool comfortably. Also, all the things are very clear because of simple buttons.
  • Directly use the tool without any signup, login, or download.
  • Lightweight and free online tool.
  • Customize your passwords as per your need.
  • It's 100% Safe and Secure.


Strong passwords are hard to guess and are impossible to crack whereas weak passwords are easily guessable and can be easily cracked by some tools.

Strong password: $gZpApxpqNH#!M
Weak password: admin

Randomly generated password strings are produced by some predefined algorithms running on the backend of the website. Input is provided by the user (you) and it gets processed accordingly.

Our password generator tool never saves any password on the webserver. The complete process is like use and throw. It processes the password randomly according to your inputs and throws it to the user. After that, the tool has no relation or memory reserved for storing that. Hence, our tool is very much secure. Unlike other websites that store user's information.

No, it is absolutely free to use. We don't charge any sort of amount for using any of our functionalities. The only thing you have to spend is your Internet data charges.

It's very low chances but never zero. Therefore, you should always follow the security measures. Creating a very strong password manually is a challenging thing but with a random password generator, it's just one-tap work.


So, that was all about a strong password generator tool. You can now use it for creating unique strings. Put them on your social media accounts or anywhere you like. Also, don't forget to follow the security measures told above. Altogether your Internet safety and privacy will become very robust.